Top 8 Best Wireless Earphones Under INR 1500 (2021)

Earphones are very necessary in this time of the world when every person is busy with their work. Tangling yourself with wired earphones is not what you want these days.

So get yourself a wired earphone now. As the popularity of wired earphones has grown, most of the brands have started making those with various features and at affordable prices.

Wireless headphones are very easy to use and easy to carry. There is a charging case that is portable and comes in various designs.

These earphones connect with any device via Bluetooth or NFC feature and have long playback timing that keeps your work going on without any delay and you do not have to charge your headsets again and again.

Choosing the best earphone can be tricky. But you do not have to worry about this because that is what we are here for.

In this article, you will get all the details you want to select the best product that matches all your needs. As you go on reading the article, you will find the features that you need to keep in mind for selecting the appropriate earphone.

Buyer’s Guide

The growing popularity of wireless earphones has made it the most used tech accessory right now. These earphones come in various shapes, design, colours and features.

When you browse through the Internet, you get an endless list of products ranging from the least to maximum.

But picking out the best one is what you have to do. These are the things that you must make sure to consider while picking out the product you want.

Brands and Pricing –

The brand is a very important thing to keep in mind when picking up a tech product. The brand of the product defines its warranty as well as customer support features.

Some people do not pay the extra bucks for this, but you must keep in mind the TWS feature. This feature allows you to connect the same pair of earphones to different devices via Bluetooth.

This means that you can connect the left pair to one device and the right pair to another.

Different brands provide different sound quality of the earphones. So you must select the brand that you trust the most because that determines the quality of the earphones and the durability of the product. Spending the right amount of money is also very important while buying a wireless earphone.

If you think of buying a cheap product, then it might happen that the quality of the product isn’t worthy and that leads to wastage of that money too. So buy the product from a trusted brand as well as at a reasonable price.

Design –

Next important thing while considering buying wireless earphone Is the design of the product. The design of the product means how it is shaped And how perfectly it onto your ears.

This feature is very crucial to keep in mind Because you do not want your ears to hurt when you have a lot of work to complete.

If the buds of the earphone are too big, then it might hurt. If they are too small, then there are chances that your earphones might fall off, and you do not want to lose one. Also, make sure that the tip of the earphone is not made of plastic because they Are also uncomfortable to carry.

Features and gestures –

You will find various features in all the wireless earphones you purchase. It depends upon your needs That which feature you want to choose. If you do not plan to use your earphones while exercising or running, then you must not look for a water-resistant one.

You can buy the one which has a great sound quality for the same price and with multiple other features. Some people look for features like buttons to control the volume as well as the calls.

Mostly, all the earphones come with a feature that can initiate voice assistant and is compatible with both Android as well as iOS.

Some earphones also have a touch button through which you can control the music, but it depends on your needs to want a touch-based Control system or the one with physical buttons.

Sound quality and call quality –

You must check the sound quality of the earphones you buy because you do not want the sound to be unclear and crashing. You must check the drivers that are present on the side of the earbuds.

6 mm drivers work well, but if you need earphones with good sound quality and isolates the sound, you should go for the earbuds with a driver of 10 mm at least.

The quality of the mic present in the earphones also matters. The sound quality of your earphone may be very good, but the mic doesn’t perform well, and you would have to face issues while on a call.

If you want to buy wireless earphones for call or gaming purposes, then you must purchase the one whose microphone quality is good. You must keep in mind the noise cancellation feature in your earphones.

Battery life –

The battery life of wireless earphones is a feature you cannot avoid. The battery life of the earphone decides that how much can you use it after a single charge.

Do not get carried away by the advertisement because they only tell you about the playback time of the earphone. When you are on a call, the battery life of the earphones fade away quickly, and you would have to go through the trouble of charging your device again and again.

The battery life of the cases and the earphones matter when you purchase a product. Look for the product that can go on for about 4-5 hours, and the charging case, when charged full, charges your earbuds at least three times. Anything below this is not useful, and you must not consider buying it.

List of the best wireless earphones under INR 1500

Do not worry about picking up the best wireless earphone under rupees 1500 because here is a list of the best products that we have picked up for you. You can go through all the features that these products have and select the one you were looking for. 

1. pTron Bassbuds

pTron Bassbuds

  • Earbuds

This product is truly wireless and offers a playback time of 32 hours. These earphones are very reliable as they get charged in just 1 hour, so that you do not have to stop working on charging them up.

The drivers in this earphone are 10 mm, which means that it provides you with clear sound, good bass and treble. The design of the earbuds is in the shape of a hook that fits easily in your ears.

It has connectivity via BlueTooth which is fast, and it gets connected with the last paired device automatically. The design is In-Ear, and these earphones come with a Noise cancellation feature.

These earphones are IPX4 water-resistant, built-in microphone and call and music control via buttons. The case has a 2 hour charge time, and the product comes with a 1-year guarantee.


  • Buds ensure that the earphones do not fall off.
  • The sound of the music is good with quality bass effect.
  • This product is worth the value of money.
  • The battery backup is good, but if you listen at full volume, then it may vary.


  • The plastic of the earphones is not of good quality.
  • The headsets feel a bit flimsy.

Best buy link : Amazon

2. Infinity (JBL) Glide 120

Infinity (JBL) Glide 120

  • Neckband

This product is wireless, and the design of the headset is in the shape of a neckband. It comes in two different colours and has premium metal earbuds.

The BlueTooth technology of the product is v5.0 and connects immediately to your devices. If you play the songs under optimum settings, then you can get a playback time of approximately 7 hours. It has a dual equaliser to enhance the bass.

These earphones come with IPX5 water-resistant features to use while running, jogging, exercising, and not worrying about sweat. The drivers in these earphones are 12 mm, which means an amazing sound experience.


  • The plastic of the earphones is of good quality.
  • This device comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • The neckband is foldable and easy to carry anywhere.
  • A good amount of battery backup.


  • Lack the connectivity of the earbuds via magnet.
  • The voice delivered during calls is scattered.

Best buy link : Amazon

3. Boult Audio AirBass Q10: Best Wireless Earphones Under 1500 In India 2021

Boult Audio AirBass Q10

  • Boult earbuds

The earbuds come with a button that has a touch sensor, and you can control all the things like the music and the calls with the help of these buttons. These earbuds are truly wireless.

You can also access Voice Assistant using these earbuds. With the Noise Cancellation feature available in this product, it blocks the sounds coming from the background. After every charge, these earbuds offer you a 6 hours playback timing.

If your case is fully charged, it lets you recharge your earbuds 4 times. The earbuds have an IPX5 water-resistant feature making them waterproof up to 1-meter depth for 30 minutes. The earbuds can also be used separately after pairing, which can happen because of their monopod feature.


  • The bass of the earbuds is good.
  • The sound quality during the calls and listening to music is great.
  • The build quality of the product is good, and the material is also well used.
  • The monopod functionality is eye-catching.


  • The battery backup is not up to the mark.
  • The cable that comes with the product is not of good quality.

Best buy link : Amazon

4. Noise Tune Charge

Noise Tune Charge

  • Noise Neckband

The design of this product is in the shape of a neckband. You get a 1-year warranty when you buy this product. The earphones come with a bass booster button that lets you increase the bass. You get a playback time of 16 hours after a full charge.

The In-Line buttons on the earphones allow you to control music and manage calls without having to take your earphones off. These earphones have an IPX5 rating, a stunning sound experience and a dual pairing feature.


  • The box of the product comes with a Noise registration manual, a micro USB cable and some additional earbuds.
  • The connectivity of the earphones is fast.
  • The battery backup of the earphones is great.
  • The tunning and the sound quality, and extra bass are very good.


  • The extra bass button to switch it from normal to extra is not very useful.
  • There is no noise cancellation feature.

Best buy link : Amazon

5. boAt 100 Wireless: Best Headphones Under 1500 Wireless With Mic

boAt 100 Wireless

  • boAt neckband

These earphones come with a 1-year warranty period. The wireless neckband connects immediately, and you can pair it simultaneously with two devices.

The 10 mm drivers in these earphones provide you with pure ethereal sound. It also has an IPX4 sweat/water resistant feature that allows you to use it while gyming and exercise.

It has a 320 mAh rechargeable battery. The sleek and adaptive design in the shape of a neckband provides you comfort with its capped earbuds.


  • The design of the product is very good.
  • The sound quality for both music and videos is clear and mesmerising.
  • The battery backup of the earphones is up to 6-7 hours.
  • The noise cancellation feature is good and blocks most of the sound in the background.


  • The quality of voice during calls is not so good, and the voice isn’t audible to the other person.
  • The range of BlueTooth connectivity is approximately 7-8 meters.

Best buy link : Amazon

6. Redmi SonicBass

Redmi SonicBass

  • Redmi Neckband

The Redmi Sonicbass delivers you a 12 hours playback time and allows you to attend calls without any disruption. The earphones remind you to charge them when you hit 20% battery so that you charge them as per your need.

The earphones come with a Dual Noise Cancellation feature that lets you communicate on the call without any disruption.

You can also connect your earphones with two devices simultaneously. The 9.2 mm drivers provide good sound quality and a rich listening experience. The multi-functional button makes your life easier by pushing some buttons to control all the features.


  • The lightweight earphones provide comfort to your ears.
  • The battery backup of the product is good and lets you work comfortably.
  • The earbuds are very comfortable and fit easily onto your ears.


  • No charging cable is provided with the earphones.
  • There might be some echo during calls.

Best buy link : Amazon

7. boAt Rockerz 255

boAt Rockerz 255

  • boAt Neckband

These BoAt earphones, with their ergonomic design, lightweight structure and powerful boosted HD quality sound, provide you with an amazing experience. The earphones have a V5.0 Bluetooth technology. It has a built-in Alexa Voice Assistant.

The material of which it is made is premium in quality and is both sturdy as well as stylish. The earphones come with an In-Line control system enabling you to access everything without even touching your phone. It has 1-year warranty period. 


  • Two devices can be connected simultaneously.
  • The bass of the sound is clean, tight and not muddy.
  • The vocals are also very clear and crisp.
  • It comes in some very trendy colours to suit your needs.
  • It gets fully charged in just one hour.


  • The battery backup is not good, and so by that, the price might be a bit high.
  • There is no automatic on/off feature and no magnetic buds.

Best buy link : Amazon

8. Mivi DuoPods A25: Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500

Mivi DuoPods A25

  • Mivi earbuds

These earbuds are truly wireless and provide you with studio-quality sound effects. The earbuds come with a 5.0 Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect easily and provide a stronger connection.

The touch sensors allow you to control the settings with a single touch. They are splash/sweat proof and has a 7.5 hours playback time.

It is made in India and comes with a 1 year warranty period. The driver base in these earphones is 6 mm. 


  • These headsets pair easily to your device.
  • They are lightweight, and the design, as well as the built quality, is premium looking.
  • The various settings of play/pause and attending calls can be managed by a single touch through the left or the right earbud.
  • It cancels up to 70% of the noise in the background.


  • These earphones play the music sound perfectly, but the voice crashes somewhat during calls.
  • There is no indication of the battery percentage of the earbuds.

Best buy link : Amazon

Conclusion –

This article contains all the details that you must know when purchasing a wireless earphone under the range of INR 1500. When going through this article, you will find the links to some of the premium quality products with amazing features and a reasonable price range. So, rather than waiting anymore, go and order the best headset now.

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