Top 16 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 2000 (2021)


In Asia, the industry for genuinely cordless earphones is rapidly expanding. Lte shipments increased by 152 percent year over year in Quarter 1 2021, and boAt lead the charts, followed by Oppo, Note series, pTron, and Disturbance.

We’re seeing a slew of new releases inside the wireless bluetooth earphones category around Rs 2,000. This article will assist customers in selecting the finest option in the spending account.

Regarding India, the completely wireless earphones market is indeed not fresh; we just have a lot of choices among device manufacturers such as Flagships, Redmi, Huawei, Samsung, Nikon, and others.

What has been lacking some few months earlier was indeed the reality that there have been no truly attractive alternatives throughout the wireless bluetooth symphony (TWS) affordability category in India.

Realme, Oppo, BoAt, Noise, Boult, Mivi, pTron, and Xiaomi all have earphones mostly on the shortlist. Whenever Ebay and have sales, the cost of these earphones might change significantly.

For a short period, those earphones are available at a reduced price. Verify the separate deals for the most up-to-date pricing models. Given the simplicity they provide, it’s no wonder that totally cordless (or TWS) earphones are now one of the most popular gadget segments in recent years.

To begin with, you won’t have to deal with both the connections. The finest completely wireless earbuds could be simply withdrawn in their bag, which really is convenient to carry around, and fitting snugly into the temples to hear music or take phone calls while on the go. 

Earpieces used to have a new market and a premium transfer fee, however with large scale production through businesses like Boult Acoustic, Redmi, and pTron, amongst many others, the cost of such earbuds are now comparable to the pricing of normal corded earbuds. For as little as Rs 1,400, you can have the greatest genuinely cordless earbuds.

Here are some other finest genuinely stereo headsets around Rs 2,000 that you can get in India right if you’re seeking for an economical noise cancellation gear.

1. Oppo Enco W11:

Oppo Enco W11

  • Oppo earbuds

Oppo’s Enco W31, which is complimentary, was a sensation, and the company followed up only with Enco W11, which is more reasonable.

The Oppo Enco W11 was originally priced at Rs 2,499 in India, but is currently approximately Rs 1,499. The Oppo Enco W11 is a TWS with the in design.

Numeric keyboard, dual plug, multiple swipe, plus contact and press commands are available along both lobes. Users can even use the buttons to listen, stop, and change tunes, accept and decline communications, change settings, and enable the digital assistant.

Oppo does not provide a second screen despite having so many capabilities. This Oppo Enco W1 has a stainless steel membrane and 8microplastics motors. The earbuds also provide improved loudness. It is compatible with the AAC audio files.

These earphones are also dirt and shock absorbent, with an IP55 rating. May last approximately to 5 hours of listening time, even minimum of 20 hours only with casing.

It also has supercharging capabilities, with a five – minute recharge providing one listening. A Class C charging connector is included in the Enco W11.

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2. Noise earbuds:

Noise earbuds

  • Best noise earbuds

These same Noise Airpods are presently accessible for a little more than Rs 2,000. The main purposes are a 20-hour battery capacity, which includes the shell, full wireless charging, and a low pricing. In addition, the smartphone has a Type-C dock connector, but is uncommon in this price range.

The earphones accept SBC and Augmentative and alternative communication codec and listen decently for even the most portion, however owing to such quarter shape, these miss bass.

This fitting is nice, not for everybody. Sounds also excels in terms of reliability and microphone sensitivity. With 100 percent intensity, the buds should last approximately 4 hours per month, also with 80 percent capacity, the buds will only last above five hours.

The audio clarity is likewise excellent, and I was able to take conversations and start discussions sans difficulty. It does, nevertheless, miss loudness and may not be acceptable for all consumers.

The Noisy Air Buds would be the one that oneself if you can deal with any of these two aspects.

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3. BoAt Airdopes 431:

BoAt Airdopes 431

  • Boat earbuds

When something relates to peripherals and audio equipment, BoAt has been one of India’s largest firms.

The diverse portfolio of solutions for less than Rs 2,000 TWS. The BoAt Airdopes 431 has been chosen. It does have a stemmed motif and is available in three colours: grey, turquoise, & crimson.

The BoAt Airdopes 431 is equipped with a 7 microns woofer and, as usual, BoAt provides that additional bassline impression which most Indians appreciate. The case includes a performance and financial charger that provides up to 10 hours of power life and can be recharged three times via the case.

A Type-C connector is provided for recharging. Virtual assistant functionality, an IPX4 moisture designation, and Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity are among the other capabilities.

For many of those prepared to invest an extra Rs 200, the BoAt Air Dopes 441 delivers up to Thirty watts of power. The BoAt Airdrops are in-ear headphones with no cord.

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4. Realme Buds Q:

Realme Buds Q

  • Realme earbuds

The Realme Buds Q is the business’s most affordable genuine cordless product. It has an in-ear style that does not have a stalk. You’ll receive a spherical bud in one of three colours: dark, cream, or yellowish.

The bundled travel bag, which further serves as a battery charger, is shaped like a rock. These Realme Buds Q have 10millimetres booming boosting loudspeakers and compatibility for 119ms zero delay, which is also known as sporting function.

This is also one of the few TWS that has a portable gaming feature for less than Rupees 2,000. The Realme Buds Q uses Bluetooth 5.0 and the R1Q processor, which allows for instantaneous connection.

The power consumption is estimated at 4.5 hours each time, with either the cover properly filling more discharges for a maximum of 20 hours.

Touch screen buttons are also available on the earbuds.

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5. Boult Audio AirBass Truebuds:

Boult Audio AirBass Truebuds

  • Boult earbuds

Passive noise suppression is provided by the Boult Acoustic Airbass Truebuds, which significantly reduces background noise.

That’s a quasi TWS with in serif typeface that’s available in Purple, Gray, and Crimson. The earphones are also water-resistant, with an IPX7 rating. When synced with any device, the Boult Audio AirBass Truebuds could be utilised independently if necessary.

Mostly on earbuds, there is indeed a separate contact and music and entertainment control. It had a 100 meters bandwidth and was connected via Bluetooth 5.0. The earphones can last up to eight hours of battery life, as well as the supplied bag has three upgrade option rounds.

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6. Mivi DuoPods M40:

Mivi DuoPods M40

  • Mivi earbuds

Mivi is yet another prominent Indian company for music and peripherals. The Mivi DuoPods 40 is a budget-friendly wireless  earphone having up to six hours of battery lasts charging and several extra charge rounds in the accompanying bag, bringing the total battery time to two weeks.

In terms of music, the DuoPods 40 include Bluetooth 5.0 and provide increased bass, which is popular in India.

Despite their clear glass style, the Mivi DuoPods 40 provide complete multi touch, featuring mass media, conversation handling, and record skipping. It also has an IPX4 rating.

The Mivi Duopods M40 TWS are one of the most powerful networking earphones on the market, since they incorporate Bluetooth 5.0, which allows for more seamless connections. These arrive in a Raspberry colour variant, that We love because they are brilliant and blues with a dark contrast enhancement.

This Mivi Duopods M40 TWS can last up to 6 hours with both the batteries, and this can last two to 3 times longer with both the spare battery.

The Mivi Duopods M40 TWS contains 34 kilo and comes with a pair of Mivi Duopods, a recharging shell, a charging cord, Liquid Silicone Points, as well as an online help. 

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7. Redmi Earbuds S:

Redmi Earbuds S

  • Redmi earbuds

The Redmi Earbuds S, Redmi’s initial sound item in India, has become cost-effective, making it far more reasonable than when it was first released.

The 7.2millimetres motors in the Redmi Earbuds S are being adjusted for shorter wavelengths. Just a gloss black coating is offered. These buds are just about 4.5mol apiece and therefore are perspiration and puddle to IPX4 standards.

The playing option on the Redmi Earbuds S may be accessed by tapping the menu button three times. The transmission delay will be reduced from only 122ms as a result of this.

The battery capacity is estimated at 4 hours of battery life, including additional extra charges provided by the cover.

It has Bluetooth 5.0, a microphone, and Digital noise pollution reduction, which reduces ambient sound during telephone conversations.

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8. BoAt Airdopes 281:

BoAt Airdopes 281

  • Boat earbuds

BoAt has made its acoustic devices available at all price ranges, that implies we have just a further TWS first from a company under Rs 2,000.

The appearance of the BoAt Air Dopes 281 is identical to that of the OnePlus Buds Z. It has a recording time of up to 3.5 sessions and more to 14 hrs with both the supplied sleeves.

This also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and has an IPX5 rating for perspiration and water proof. Every mike has an in-built sensor and may be controlled using a touchpad.

The TWS, on the other hand, only has tiny USB recharging. Finally, you’ll have access to touch screens and also a digital assistant.

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9. pTron Bassbuds Jets:

pTron Bassbuds Jets

  • pTron earbuds

Those pTron Bassbuds Jets are the inexpensive earphones throughout the new list, costing at Rs 999. Mostly on the power adapter, there is also a digital energy indicator.

Bluetooth 5.0, up to 5 weeks of battery capacity, a constructed microphone, as well as an IPX4 certification are among the highlights. It has a 10mm dynamic woofer with strong synth bass on the interior.

Both binaural and solo modes are available for the earphones. All earbuds have a smidge region that can be used to manage music, take phone calls, even converse with chatbots like Google Home.

Those pTron Bassbuds Jets are claimed to only last up to five hours when playing music and 3.5 hours when on a conversation on even a battery occasion. Seven more charge cycles are provided by the accompanying case, bringing the total power consumption to 30 hours.

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10. Ambrane Dots 38:

Ambrane Dots 38

  • Ambrane earbuds

The Ambrane Dots 38 is an in-ear type earphone with such a stemmed construction which is one of the inexpensive mostly on market and is one of the latest TWS in India. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and has a one-step connection feature.

It boasts a 10mm dynamic woofer with enhanced power, and that these earbuds were guaranteed to only last 4 hours of battery life, plus four primary dispersion curves mostly with containers, for a maximum of 6 sessions.

Expression levels, which seem to be uncommon in the spending account, may accomplish operations such as play/pause, virtual assistant, recognise conversations, change songs, and audio system.

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11. Zebronics Sound Bomb:

Zebronics Sound Bomb

  • Zebronics earbuds

Sonic Sound Bomb are Zebronics’ highest economical fully cordless earbuds, and the company has quickly established itself within the music market.

On, the totally wireless earphones are available for as little as Rs 1,435 in Maharashtra.

The Zebronics Sound Bomb had an inversion with such a long neck that supports phone speaking. With both the charge, the earbuds have such a maximum listening duration of 30 minutes.

Touchscreen settings, rich audio, a virtual assistant, as well as a water-resistant construction are also highlighted by the duo.

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12. Noise shots Nuvo:

Noise shots Nuvo

  • Best noise earbuds

Bullets of Sound Cordless audio downloading, phone calls, and palms settings are all included with Nuvo earphones.

These earbuds include incredibly charging capabilities, allowing for 90 seconds of listening duration in just ten minutes. For internet communication with the other gadgets, the earbuds use the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol.

They have an IPX4 certification, which means they are water and perspiration resistant. Users may also reach Google Home or Siri with a single tap. Sonic Noise Shots TWS has been one of the finest earphones for charging in moments and providing hours on a single charge.

Yes, you read that correctly. With the Noise Shots TWS, a nine recharge can last up to 36 hours of gameplay. Snowy Gray, Shadow Dark, and Vibrant Crimson are the colour options for such earphones, which comes with such a one-year guarantee as well as a nine day replacement policy.

This Noise Shots TWS comes with a one-year guarantee as well as a nine-day replacement policy. The Noise Shots TWS is Fifty grammes in weight and comes with either a Wireless headset, a recharging bag, a recharging cord, two spare listening pieces, a reference handbook, and a guarantee notary stamp.

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13. Philips TAUT102BK Audio Upbeat Earbuds:

Philips TAUT102BK Audio Upbeat Earbuds

  • Philips earbuds

In addition to the Boult brand, Philips earphones are a good option for under Rupees 2,000. The Philips TAUT102BK TWS is among the finest earphones for controlling your music.

When altering, switching music, stopping records, and replying to or declining conversations, I had no problems. They have unique knobs on these, and the merchandise is specialised with noise removal and a constructed microphone.

That device did an excellent job of reducing background disturbances to maintain the sound sharp and clear, based on making conversations, thanks to this echoing reduction function.

The 6 mm neodymium speakers likewise did a pretty good job of generating crisp audio and speech impact. The power consumption of the Philips TAUT102BK TWS is 6 hours on aggregate, nevertheless it fluctuates significantly regardless of the type of music I listened to.

The device’s energy reserve had also been increased to eight hours with both the spare batteries. That rechargeable battery doesn’t have any issue slipping into your pants.

Those earphones are compact enough to carry comfortably in your temples, and We didn’t feel any obligation in our ear holes when using these. One could also use the single option to release either of the earbuds if you ever need to relax those for a while. Another of the huge benefits would be this.

This Philips TAUT102BK TWS has elliptical sonic tubes, which results in no relaxation and passively sound. The charging case, beginner guide manual, Micro usb connection, and four more muffs are all included in the package, which weighed about 29 ounces.

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14. Lumiford Max TWS T55 Earbuds:

Lumiford Max TWS T55 Earbuds

  • Lumiford earbuds

The Lumiford Max TWS T55 is one of the greatest slicing manufactured earphones that may completely match to give a pleasurable listening experience in a somewhat more enjoyable way thanks to the anatomical fitting.

Lumiford guarantees this device with such a twelve day replacement guarantee. The package comes with modern Wireless technologies, which provided me with considerably more consistent and secure connections over a 10 Miles of range.

I wouldn’t have to bring the cellphone with us all of the time, particularly for phone conversations. This function works both on Android and Apple platforms. Efficient and simple touchscreen interfaces are included with the Lumiford Max TWS T55.

It could instantly reply back conversations, reverse music, and use Google/Siri voice assistance with that same only smart touch control. This Lunsford Max TWS T55 has an extremely light capacity that may last for minutes and it can be charged for fourteen hours with both the power adapter.

In addition, the device included twin earphones only with 6cm long hi-Fi bottom transducers. The Lumiford Max TWS T55 is barely 4mol in weight and comes in a single contrast enhancement: dark. Single earpiece, a recharging pouch, an extension cord, and an user guide are also included with both the Lumiford Max TWS T55.

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15. Wings TWS Earbuds:

Wings TWS Earbuds

  • Wings earbuds

This Wings TWS is the strongest asset, particularly throughout conversations, because it includes twin microphones, one is for delivering a speech another for noise reduction.

That is among the most amazing features in modern history. The Wings TWS has an inter key for mobility. I can skip/next/previous tracks, answer/reject conversations, and just use Siri/Google voice assistance.

Furthermore, when it comes to connection, everything I must do is unzip the bag, as well as the earphones link to the devices without even any additional steps.

These Wings items come with a one-year guarantee and eight implementers. I have to enjoy the significant immediacy of each and every little noise with perfectly clear acoustics, and I can converse effectively with both the constructed mic, thanks to the low delay gameplay. 

This same Wings TWS does have a backup generator of 6 hours of battery life with both the cell as well as an extra sixteen sessions with both the power adapter. This Wings TWS features an innovative graphite drive for sound quality, which delivers a powerful bassline suitable for all styles such as Dance, punk, and bluesy.

The Wings TWS is over 200 grammes in weight and comes with a recharging wire, 3 pairs of adjustable straps, one recharging pouch, a reference handbook, or one couple of earphones.

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16. Lenovo X18 TWS Earbuds:

Lenovo X18 TWS Earbuds

  • Lenevo earbuds

The Lenovo X18 TWS is a custom-made earphone for persons who prefer listening in their very own voice.

That item has a microphone and was designed both to look and sound like such a wardrobe staple by Lenovo.

This sleek design guarantees a pleasant music experience. This item is available in two colour options: shades of grey, and this is covered by an eight day manufacturer’s warranty and a six-month guarantee.

The product offers a sophisticated BT V.5.0 connection that works with practically every BT-enabled gadget, including Modern smartphones, iPhones, personal computers, laptops, cellphones, and Microsoft tablets.

This Lenovo X18 TWS battery isn’t poor, but it’s mediocre because it’s difficult to check due to the absence of a rear engine.

The Lenovo X18 TWS has an inter key for usability. I can skip/next/previous tracks, answer/reject conversations, and just use Voice recognition .

The item is also water resistant, via an IPX4 rating. Generally, the Lenovo X18 TWS does a wonderful job of keeping continuous audio, and the Basse Quality of sound is amazing, enabling me to hear jewel music.

This device comes with such a fast start manual, a Micro usb cord, and one wireless bluetooth earphone and probably weighs 180ppm. 

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Buyers guide:


Recall that earbuds with a style that simply stays in your lobes, such as the AirPods, are much more easy to wear for longer periods of time yet drop out rapidly while still doing something quickly.
But on the other side, if worn for a long period, a style which goes deeply behind the temples or includes ear supports may begin to harm your hearing. If you choose earbuds which slip into the inner ear, ensure they’re the right size.

Graphical user interface:

Among the most important features that distinguishes good earphones versus mediocre earphones is the user experience. The earphones with the finest user interface will enable users to be less reliant on your smartphone and accomplish very much with the earphones itself.

The point of wearing genuinely cordless earphones is wasted if you do have to grab for the phone constantly if you want to change a record or change channels.

Battery life and durability:

In TWS, the battery capacity of either the earphones and the power button is critical.

Currently, brands incorporate thunderbolt charging and expandable storage in many TWS devices, which would be a big benefit and also most probably a feature of something like the future.


Nevertheless, we explained each item in detail, with characteristics included in the guideline; ultimately, it is up to you. If you really are concerned with brands, we recommend the Lenovo TWS X18, which has an acceptable pricing.

When you’re more worried with budget than with identity, we recommend the Mivi TWS earphones, which are among the most affordable options.

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