Top 8 Best Headphones Under 2000 in India 2022

Headphones are a great way to listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks while you travel. But it can be hard to find a pair that is comfortable and offers good sound quality.

And if you’re looking for a pair that fits your lifestyle, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the best headphones under 2000, and we’ve got a buying guide to help you choose the right one.

Besides, you might find a pair of headphones that are perfect for your lifestyle. So whether you’re looking for headphones that are durable, comfortable, or budget-friendly, we’ve got a great selection of headphones that will make you want to wear them for hours on end.

Top 8 Best Headphones Under 2000 in India 2022

1. boAt Rockerz 550 Wireless Bluetooth Over The Ear Headphones

Boat Rockerz

  • boAt headphone

This is an excellent pair of headphones that are made with high-quality materials and designed to last. The Rockerz 550 is made from ABS plastic and aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight and sturdy. It’s also very comfortable to wear.

The headphones are equipped with a powerful 50mm driver that’s capable of delivering great sound quality. It’s also packed with an integrated microphone for calls and easy access to music controls like volume, track skipping, and play/pause.

BoAt Rockerz 550 are compatible with both Android and iOS devices and are easy to use. There’s also a built-in app that allows you to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and play/pause music. These features make boAt Rockerz 550 ideal for streaming and listening to music while you workout.

One downside is that it doesn’t have any form of protection on its ports, so it’s at risk of getting damaged. Also, it lacks a battery backup system, which can get annoying when you’re in the middle of an intense workout. But all in all, boAt Rockerz 550 is one of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones around, and we highly recommend it for anyone who needs high-quality audio without having to deal with the hassle of wires.


  • The headphones are lightweight and sturdy.
  • It’s easy to use and comfortable to wear.
  • It has a built-in app for music controls.
  • It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • It’s very easy to set up.


  • It lacks a battery backup system.
  • It doesn’t have any protection on its ports.

2. Infinity (JBL) Glide 500

Infinity JBL Glide 500

  • Infinity headphone

If you’re looking for a great pair of wireless headphones for music streaming, the JBL Glide 500’s are a pretty good option. These are pretty much the best wireless headphones that you can buy today, with a few exceptions. You’re not going to find a better pair of headphones that offer you a good sound experience without any sort of cord or wires, and the bass response is pretty good too.

They come with a really nice design, with a foldable design that allows you to easily take them anywhere. They’re also lightweight and comfortable enough for extended use. These are a great pair of headphones that you can take anywhere with you, and you can even take them into the shower.

The Bluetooth connection is really solid, and it connects quickly. You can also use it with a range of devices, and it’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The audio quality is really good too, with an impressive frequency response. The sound quality is good across the board, and there’s plenty of volume when you need it. It’s also easy to adjust the equalizer settings, so you can get the right sound for your taste.

This set of headphones comes with a 1-year warranty that covers the product and its parts. It’s a pretty good warranty, and the JBL Glide 500s have a lot of longevity in them. You can expect to get over a year out of these headphones before you have to replace them.

The biggest downside is that they’re quite expensive, which is going to be the case if you want a pair of wireless headphones today. So while the JBL Glide 500s are great headphones, they’re not exactly the best that you can buy today.

If you’re looking for a good pair of wireless headphones, then you should check out the JBL Glide 500. They’re great for music streaming, and they’re a pretty good option for anyone who’s looking for wireless headphones.


  • Great sound quality
  • Foldable design
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless headphones


  • Expensive
  • Not the best pair of wireless headphones
  • Poor battery life

3. Boult Audio ProBass FluidX Wireless Bluetooth Over The Ear Headphone 

Boult Audio ProBass

  • Flexible headphone

This is a set of wireless over-ear headphones that can be used as both a regular pair of headphones and a speaker. The Boult Audio ProBass FluidX Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones with Mic (Black) are made from anodized aluminum that has been treated to resist corrosion.

It also has a comfortable fit and soft ear cups that offer a great listening experience. They come with a single, omnidirectional microphone that works with voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant for easy voice control. These headphones have a built-in battery, so there’s no need to worry about recharging them.

You can listen to music or make calls for up to 10 hours on a single charge. When the battery dies, you can use the included charging case to top up your headphones quickly. It has a USB-C port that’s compatible with the latest iPhones and Android smartphones. It also comes with a cable that you can use to connect to your smartphone.

The case also has a microUSB port that lets you charge it with your computer or power bank. You can also wash these headphones in the machine provided by the manufacturer. The IPX5 rating means they’re waterproof for 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

Overall, Boult Audio headphones are well-designed, comfortable, and sound great. They also have a very long battery life and can be used for up to 10 hours on a single charge.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Good sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • IPX5 rating


  • MicroUSB charging cable is a little short
  • Not the best for a workout

4. boAt Rockerz 510 

Boat Rockerz 510

  • boAt headphone

Rockerz 510 is a great pair of headphones. It has a lot of features and is well-built. The 50mm drivers promise to deliver a thumping sound which you could never have imagined. They’re rated at 108dB sensitivity, which means they’re more sensitive than human hearing. The frequency response is also 20Hz-20KHz, which means it can pick up sounds below 20Hz and frequencies above 20KHz too.

The softness of the faux leather on the ear pads makes boAt Rockerz 510 pleasurable to wear. The foam inside the ear pads adapts to your ears with just the right pressure ensuring great comfort and also delivering authentic sound.

The foam inside the ear pads adapts to your ears with just the right pressure ensuring great comfort and also delivering authentic sound. boAt Rockerz 510 is one of the lightest in its class, giving you optimal comfort and master control board to play/pause, change tracks, answer/reject calls, control volumes – everything at one place, You simply don’t want to take it off

It comes with dual connectivity, wireless via its bluetooth and wired with its aux port. It even has a microphone built-in to make calls. One year warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Sensitive headphones
  • Comes with a built-in mic
  • Easy to control
  • Good sound quality
  • One year warranty


  • Flimsy headphones
  • Can get tangled

5. Melomane Melophones Opera Jh-913 Bluetooth Wireless On Ear Headphones 

Melomane Melophones

  • Premium headphone

When it comes to headphones, there’s no shortage of options available. However, we’ve seen some of the most popular choices from brands like Bose and Sony get released in the past, and they’re always very pricey. But when we got the Melomane Melophones Opera Jh-913 Bluetooth Wireless On Ear Headphones With Mic Rose Pink, we were pretty blown away by its quality.

This is one of the best on the market and it delivers a rich, immersive audio experience. It’s waterproof too, so you can use it in the pool, or even take it out for a run. It has a 24-hour battery life and has an auto power saving mode that reduces the output as needed, so you can get through an entire day without needing to charge it.

The biggest downside to this product is that it’s not very comfortable, but that’s why we love it. It’s made from high-quality materials that provide good support and comfort, so you don’t need to worry about them slipping off your head or ears.

The biggest selling point though is the price tag – it costs only 1990INR , which is cheaper than most other wireless headphones on the market. If you’re looking for a great pair of headphones, then we highly recommend you give these a try. They’re a fantastic value for money and they’ll deliver a high-quality listening experience for you.


  • Great value for money.
  • Good build quality.
  • Great battery life.
  • High-quality audio.
  • Waterproof.
  • Comfortable to wear.


  • Not very comfortable.
  • Not very durable.

6. Macmerise Decibel Bluetooth Wireless On Ear Headphones 

Macmerise Marble

  • Sleek headphone

These are the best headphones for running on the market today. They fit perfectly, they have the best sound quality, and they last for a long time.

They’re Bluetooth compatible, and they connect to any device that supports Bluetooth – this includes phones, tablets, laptops, and more. You can use them to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, radio stations, and more. The built-in FM radio means you can also tune into local radio stations too.

The headphones are incredibly lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off your head or slipping off your ears. This is a great feature because it makes the headphones much more comfortable to wear, especially if you’re a runner.

They have an impressive 10-hour battery life, so you can listen to music on the go without worrying about running out of battery. You’ll get an average of 30-40 hours of use with this battery life, depending on how loud you listen to the music.

Macmerise Decibel Bluetooth Wireless On Ear Headphones with Mic (Multicolour) are made from high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance. They’re also built to last for many years, with a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

The ear cushions are also extremely comfortable, and they’re designed to be worn for long periods of time. These are some of the best headphones that are on the market today.


  • The headphones are incredibly lightweight
  • They’re incredibly comfortable
  • They have an impressive 10-hour battery life
  • They have a lifetime warranty
  • They have an FM radio


  • The headphones are not water-resistant
  • The cable is very short

7. Bengoo G9000 Wired Over the Ear Headphone with Mic

Bunnect Kotion

  • Gaming headphone

If you’re looking for a great pair of headphones that are not only portable, but also work well with games, then check out these ones from Bengoo. They’re compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and other gaming consoles. And they can even be used as Bluetooth speakers too.

The headphones come with a 40mm magnetic neodymium driver, which delivers powerful bass response. It has clear sound operating strong brass, and superb ambient noise isolation to ensure that your game sounds come through clearly.

The headset also has a multi-platform compatible design, so you can use it with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iPad, Computer, Mobile Phone, etc.

It comes with an integrated mic that allows you to communicate with others easily and hear them clearly, while simultaneously blocking out background noise. The headset also has a rotary volume controller that lets you control the volume with ease, while the key mic mute feature allows you to mute the mic without needing to take your hands off the controls.

It’s very comfortable, thanks to the soft, padded over-ear pads, and it’s also skin-friendly, thanks to the leather material. It’s a great set of headphones for people who play games, or want to use them with their mobile devices.


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Comfortable design
  • 40mm magnetic neodymium driver
  • Multi-platform compatible design
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices


  • The noise-canceling feature only works for smartphones

8. Aerizo FA12 Wireless Bluetooth On Ear Headphone 

Aerizo FA12

  • Budget headphone

We’ve found a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones that have been getting rave reviews from users for their comfort, sound quality, and durability. They’re a pretty decent set of headphones with a reasonable price tag too.

The design is really simple – there’s no wires coming out of it, so it’s easy to store when you’re on the move. There’s also no power cable, so you won’t have to worry about charging it up before you leave the house.

It has a comfortable fit that allows for a good seal between the headband and your ears, so you can enjoy a comfortable listening experience without having to adjust the headband every time you listen to music.

You can use it with almost any device, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. They’re compatible with most popular operating systems and apps, and you can control the volume with your phone or computer, as well as pause and resume playback.

The sound quality is excellent too – it delivers a high-quality audio spectrum with rich bass and full sound. The sound is very clear, even when you’re listening to music with a lot of background noise.

Overall, these are an excellent set of headphones that should be on your wishlist if you’re looking for a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones that will last you for a while.


  • Compatible with most devices
  • High-quality audio spectrum
  • Good sound quality
  • Affordable


  • Some people say that they’re a little bulky

Buying Guide For Best Headphones Under 2000


One of the most important features to consider when shopping for headphones is size. The two most common sizes are in-ear and over-ear. In-ear headphones are smaller than over-ears and fit into your ear canal, where they offer the best sound isolation. They also have less bass output and require a smaller speaker, so you don’t have to worry about them blowing out.

The other major size consideration is the headphone design. Over-ears come in two basic styles: circumaural (over-the-ear) and supra-aural (around-the-ear). The former provides a better seal against outside noise and better bass response, while the latter offers better sound isolation.

Frequency Response

The range of frequencies that a pair of headphones can produce is called their frequency response. Most headphones fall somewhere between 20 and 40,000 hertz. However, the higher the number, the more accurate your audio will be.

Consider The Brand

Of course, you need to think about the brand when buying headphones. If you’re looking for an affordable pair of in-ear headphones that won’t break the bank, then you’ll want to look for ones from companies like Bose or Sony. Brands like these offer high quality, well-built products at a good price.

If you’re looking for a pair of over-ears, consider a model that has a detachable cable to make it easier to move around with. Some headphones come with a cable that’s built in, but you can usually purchase them separately if you want a longer cord. If you’re looking for a pair of supra-aural headphones, go with one that comes with ear pads, as they are more comfortable than foam pads.

Consider Your Budget

Now that you know the size and frequency response you’re looking for, you need to think about your budget. It can be difficult to find headphones under $200, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re on a tight budget, you can look for a pair of headphones with a lower price tag and upgrade later. Just be sure to check out reviews online before you buy, so you can make sure it’s a good quality pair of headphones.

Consider Your Environment

When you’re shopping for headphones, you need to consider a number of things, such as whether or not your environment is home or away from home, the type of music you listen to, and your personal listening preferences.

Your environment will impact how loud you can comfortably listen to your music, and this may be something you don’t have much control over. If you’re at work or somewhere where it’s quiet, you’ll probably be able to hear your music more clearly than if you were in a crowded bar or restaurant, where the background noise can drown out your favorite tracks.

Consider Your Noise Level

Even if you love your current sound system, you might want to consider upgrading if your environment is noisy. Your music is only as good as your equipment, so if you’re going to spend more on headphones, you might as well go for the best quality headphones money can buy.

Headphones typically come in one of two categories: open-backed and closed-back. Open-backed models are the most popular, but closed-back models are the most comfortable and often offer better noise isolation. This is because they seal out the surrounding noise, which may otherwise interfere with your listening experience.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Headphones Under 2000

Are there any good headphones under 2000?

Yes, there are many good headphones under 2000. But you should try and find out if they are Bluetooth or not, because some models require a separate Bluetooth adapter, which increases the price.

What is the best noise cancelling headphones?

Noise cancelling headphones are a necessity in any professional setting, especially if you work in a noisy office. Noise cancelling headphones come in different varieties and shapes, depending on their size, battery life, comfort level, and so on. The best noise cancelling headphones are the ones that have been certified by Consumer Reports and have the Best Noise Canceling Certification from Noise Cancellation Labs.


No matter what kind of headphones you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a pair that will meet your needs. If you’re looking for a pair of over-ears, consider a model that has a detachable cable to make it easier to move around with. Some headphones come with a cable that’s built in, but you can usually purchase them separately if you want a longer cord.

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