Top 10 Best Earphones Under INR 1500 (2021)

Earphones are something that stays in almost every person’s ear because you are either busy watching something on your phone or busy talking to someone. So when you use a device most of the time, you expect it to be the one worth the value of money you spend.

Any earphone that you buy must be comfortable to your ears and provide you with mesmerising sound experience. So, picking up the one you want can be confusing because of the various options available in the market. Having a lot of features doesn’t help but having the right features does. So, you must pick that product which suits you the most.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to keep in mind while buying the Best Earphone

The most important accessory apart from the charger that you need with your cellphone is earphones in today’s time. Some brands have stopped adding earphones to the boxes of smartphones, and so you have to purchase one of the same brand or maybe of some other brand, depending upon what you like. 

You must purchase an earphone by checking the sound and the features that come along with it. Many things are very important for the proper functioning of earphones.

Some are basic, and some are complex. You must know about the basic ones for sure so that you can judge the product in one look. Advertisements are made as such so that they can lure you. But proper research is necessary to know the very basic things that are important if you buy a product from any brand.

You must also trust the brand from whom you purchase your product because purchasing it from a local brand can cost you some fewer bucks but would it provide you with the features mentioned, or if not, then proper replacement policies or customer service?

So, you must keep in mind some things mentioned below so that you pick up the best product.

Mic and Sound –

Built-in mic earphones are very convenient to receive calls or change music. The sound quality of the earphones also matters a lot. You should check the reviews or test the sound of the product.

The sound also matters when the sound is maximum to check that the bass is fine. The noise cancellation feature is also important in earphones.

Driver and Drum Size –

The driver’s size is also very important to realise what and how sound your earphones will provide you — the price increases with the number of drivers in your earphones.

The quality of the plastic used is also very important. The drums of the earphones must always be of metal because they provide good sound quality.

Type of Earphone –

You can either buy a wired or wireless earphone. You need to make sure what suits you best. You need to charge your Bluetooth earphones using a charging cable that you mostly get with the earphones.

If they are wireless, you must keep in mind the product’s battery health and playback timing. Bluetooth headsets can be heavy.

They contain batteries in them, which makes them heavier than the wired ones. This also depends upon the time you have to put up your earphones. If you usually attend calls, you might want the lightweight and comfortable in your ears. So you can go for the wired one.

List of the Best Earphones under INR 1500.

Earphones contain a lot of options with a different price range. You have to select the type you want and the shape that suits your needs. They can be In-Ear or On-Ear earphones. The buds come in various sizes, depending on the size of your ear. To select the best product, you have to make sure the features of the product suits your purpose. Here is a list of products that you can go through to pick out the one you want.

1. pTron Bassbuds Jets

pTron Bassbuds Jets

  • pTron earbduds

These earbuds are truly wireless. The earbuds provide a 5 hours playback time and a 3.5 hour when you talk on call. It takes around 1 hour to charge the earbuds fully. It comes with a magnetic charging case and has a 400 mAh battery. The micro charging cable comes with the product.

The design of these earphones is In-Ear, and they have TWS technology. The multi-function button allows you to control all the features via a single touch. It comes with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity with quick pairing and noise cancellation.


  • The sound quality of the earbuds is amazing.
  • The bass quality of the earbuds is also worthy.
  • It is worth the value of money.
  • The battery backup of the product is also good. If you use at high volume and maximum bass, then the battery may finish up soon.


  • The build quality is not good because the plastic material is not worthy.
  • The noise cancellation feature is not that good in these earphones.

Best buy link : Amazon

2. iBall EarWear TW10

iBall EarWear TW10

  • iBall earbuds

These TWS earphones come in 8 different colours and amazing features. The quality of the sound is at HD. It connects easily with the prompt connection with 2 headsets.

The charging case is sturdy as well as protective so that your earbuds stay safe in the case. You can use a dual or single headset as per your requirement and need. It is ideal for activities like jogging, walking and travelling. The product originated in China. 


  • There is no breaking in the call quality, and the other person receives the sound appropriately.
  • The fit of the earbuds in your ears provides you comfort while listening to music.
  • The manual that comes with the product is very descriptive, and all the features are explained in it thoroughly.
  • The case is handy and easy to carry.


  • The battery backup of the earbuds is not adequate.

Best buy link : Amazon

3. boAt Rockerz 400

boAt Rockerz 400

  • Best headphones

This BoAt product is an On-Ear headphone. It easily gets connected to any device, whether Android or iOS. They are lightweight and foldable and come with a microphone feature as well.

The device offers a playback time of approximately 8 hours and gets fully charged within 2 hours. The range of Bluetooth connectivity is up to 10 meters. The device comes with a micro USB charging cable and a warranty card. You can also access instant Voice Assistant through these headphones. 


  • The product is portable, and because of its foldable feature, you can carry it anywhere easily.
  • The sound quality and the bass quality of the headphone are great at such a minimum price.
  • The build quality is also great, and it comes in two trendy colours – Green and Grey.


  • It can cause some type of irritation on the skin after using it for a long time.
  • The noise cancellation feature doesn’t work well.

Best buy link : Amazon

4. Maono AU-D30

Maono AU-D30

  • Budget neckband

The 130 mAh battery provides approximately 12 hours of playback time. The earphones deliver an HD sound and have a rich base. It has the design of a neckband earphone and oval-shaped earbuds with a noise isolation feature.

They are neither too loose nor too tight on your ears. The earbuds have a magnet, and it attaches when you are not using them. It has a button that is solely made for attending or rejecting a call, and the earphones vibrate when a call is incoming. Its 5.0 Bluetooth technology is compatible with any device. 


  • The connectivity range of the headset is great, and you can be connected to your device up to 10 meters.
  • Battery health is also good. It gets charged in 1.5 hours.
  • Sound is crystal clear with good treble and bass.
  • The product is worth the value of money.


  • Noise cancellation feature is not much good.

Best buy link : Amazon

5. Pebble Flex Lite

Pebble Flex Lite

  • Budget neckband

The product has a good battery life of about 10 hours and comes with a 180 mAh battery. It needs only 1 hour to get fully charged. The Bluetooth connectivity allows the earphones to pair with two devices at once and provides instant connectivity with any device of any brand.

It has an amazing noise cancellation feature that allows the earphones to block the sound in the background for you to enjoy your music or attend calls. Their portable design makes them suitable for usage while doing any activity, and you do not have to worry about them falling off. It comes in two vibrant colours.


  • Price of the product is worthy as it offers so many features.
  • Quality of the bass and the sound is amazing.
  • The earphones are lightweight and stay charged for a long time.


  • The noise cancellation feature doesn’t work well when attending a call.

Best buy link : Amazon

6. boAt Rockerz 510

boAt Rockerz 510

  • boAt headphone

These headphones have an extra bass and balanced treble. It has a 50 mm driver and provides 20 hours of playback time. The headphones are very comfortable and soft on your ears. The foam inside the ear pads fit on your ears perfectly and provide comfort.

There are control buttons on the outside that help you control the music and call setting without having to take the headphone off. The amazing thing about this headphone is that you can keep it wired as well as wireless. You get an AUX port to make it wired. The headphones come with a 1-year warranty period.


  • It gets paired easily paired with any of your devices, be it your phone or laptop.
  • The earpads are super comfortable and soft on your ears.
  • Bass and clarity of the sound are very clear and rich.
  • The product is sturdy and has good battery life.


  • Only con this product has is that it is very heavy to carry and isn’t portable.

Best buy link : Amazon

7. Sony MDR-EX155AP

Sony MDR-EX155AP

  • Sony earphones

These wired earphones come in 4 vibrant colours for you to choose the one according to your need. These earphones have an In-line mic for the hands-free calling feature. The drivers of these earphones are 9 mm. They fit into your ears comfortable because of the silicone earbuds and has a shiny and metallic finish. 


  • The sound of the earphones is very crisp and clear.
  • You get to hear every single beat of the sound because of the bass and treble that are perfectly balanced.
  • It allows you to listen to music for long hours without hurting your ears.
  • The noise cancellation feature also works decently.
  • Weight of the earphones is the bare minimum so that you can carry them easily anywhere.


  • Wire of the earphones is very thin.
  • The sound at high volume is not as loud as expected.

Best buy link : Amazon

8. Mivi Duopods M40

Mivi Duopods M40

  • Mivi earbuds

These truly wireless earphones come with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect easily and maintains a strong connection. The adaptive touch controls allow you to manage music and calls and activate voice assistant via a single touch.

They are splash/sweatproof, allowing you to work comfortably or take up any activity without having to worry about them. They can go on playing the sound for approximately 6 hours without any disruption. You can charge the earbuds through the case 3 times.


  • The noise cancellation feature is very good and blocks most of the sound in the background.
  • It comes with 3 earbuds to fit the size of your earbuds without slipping out.
  • The battery backup is great, and the earphones last up to 2 days even after all-day usage.


  • The voice might lag while playing youtube videos.
  • It is not adequate for gaming purpose.

Best buy link : Amazon

9. boAt Rockerz 450

boAt Rockerz 450

  • boAt headphone

These headphones have 40 mm drivers and provide HD sound quality. The backup of the headphones is approximately 15 hours. The lightweight and ergonomic design of the headphones have comfortable padded cushions.

The headphones have a built-in mic, and you can control all the features and activate voice assistant. The V4.2 Bluetooth connection provides an instant connection to your device. You can connect it through Bluetooth or AUX according to your preference. It comes with 1 year warranty period.


  • The earcups are big in shape and soft to fit over your ears perfectly.
  • Battery life of the device is, as it is mentioned above and very supportive.
  • Range of the headphones is very good and doesn’t lose connectivity easily.
  • Headphones have an organic approach to the sound with neither highs nor lows.


  • Sound is not as loud as expected.
  • The noise cancellation feature is not good.
  • Cups can cause you to sweat as they pack your ears.

Best buy link : Amazon

10. pTron Bassbuds Pro

pTron Bassbuds Pro

  • pTron earbuds

With their V5.1 Bluetooth connectivity, these earphones provide you with the amazing wireless earbuds experience with many features like a touch control surface, deep bass, and built-in mic in both earbuds.

The earbuds have a snug-fit and ergonomic design with a touch sensor that allows you to control all the music and calls.

It is IPX4 water-resistant and also needs a Type – C charging cable. The 8mm drivers provide amazing sound quality and each bud being approximately 4 gram in weight makes the product handy and portable.

The playback timing of the earbuds is 12 hours by using the charging case. It quickly connects to your phone and pairs automatically after taking it out from the case. The device has a 1-year warranty period.


  • The sound quality of the earbuds is amazing.
  • Touch control sensitivity is good.
  • The battery life of the product is amazing, with a 300 mAh battery.
  • Lightweight makes the product convenient to carry and store.


  • There might be a delay in sound while playing music or videos.

Best buy link : Amazon

Conclusion –

In this article, I have mentioned everything you want in an earphone under INR 1500 and the best of the products that you can get around this range.

Earphones can be of many types ranging from headphones to In-Ear earphones and from wired to wireless.

You are the one who picks out the product you need as per your desire and purpose. So, make sure that you pick out the best one so that you wouldn’t have to go through any trouble of exchanging or returning it. 

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