Top 3 Best Earbuds Under 10000 in India (2022)

Now, earphones are not just used for listening to music and watching movies and series. But, they are also used for recording audios and listening to important audio clips which need to be heard with great precision. In this, owning a set of earbuds can really help you. 

We are here to help you shortlist a few options of earbuds. 

In this article, you will get a Buying Guide for choosing earbuds. You will find a list of the Best Earphones Under 10000 available in the digital market.

Buying Guide For Earbuds

Buying the correct type of earbuds which fulfils all your requirements is very important. You may get perplexed, anxious and confused when you have to make such a decision.

This buying guide will tell you what type of factors you should take care of while buying a nice set of earbuds to make an informed and smart buying decision:

Technical Features

Technical devices like earbuds also have many important technical attributes while making a buying decision. If you are buying earbuds from an online platform, you should take extra care to acknowledge and understand all the technical information available on the shopping portals.

Try to accumulate details like the dimensions, the comfort of fit, the battery span of the earphones and their charging case, the material of the body of the earphones and their charging case, the frequency range, the microphone’s sensitivity etc., to make a wise decision.

It is Fit in Ears

It gets so frustrating when the earbuds keep slipping off your ears. They do not always fit in perfectly well in your ears and thus spoil the listening experience.

There is also a chance of misplacing the earbuds. There are earbuds that provide multiple earbud tips and so a better grip for different users.

Moreover, if you are planning on using the earbuds while exercising, then you should carefully look out for the fit of the buds, because if the fit is not proper it may keep falling off.

Bluetooth Range

Based on your purpose and the location where you will be using the earbuds, choose the minimum range of Bluetooth connection that you would need.

This is an important aspect to consider. Select that earbud which fulfils your requirements properly.

Battery Span

This point is quite significant. In the case of earbuds, the battery life of both – the earbuds and the charging case are quite essential details.

If you want to use the earbuds while talking on the phone for long hours or listening to music while travelling, retaining battery power becomes essential.

Usually, an earbuds’ battery span is between 10-15 hours of their entire playtime.


This is an essential factor, which is often overlooked while trying to satisfy the materialistic needs of the product.

As much as the looks of the earbuds are important for aesthetic pleasure, relating the looks with the societal standards is not too correct.

The real need for investment in that product should not be overshadowed. To get clarity on your needs and avoid overspending on the product, make a budget plan for yourself and try to follow it as much as you can while choosing a set of earbuds.


This included two types of sensitivity – human ear sensitivity and microphone sensitivity. The microphone sensitivity is the measure of how well the microphone can record different sounds.

Human ear sensitivity refers to how loud an audio clip may sound to your ears. This is with reference to the safety of your ears. This type of sensitivity means how loud a pair of earphones can get. The average sensitivity range is around 96 to 110, the dB estimated.

The earphones that have volume levels below 85 dB seem to be too absorbed and would not give a really good experience to its users.

A volume range of more than 110 dB may damage your hearing abilities and some parts of the brain, so you should refrain from using those, unless the need. Even if you buy such earphones, you should prefer listening on a lower volume.

3 Best Earbuds Under 10000

There are multiple ranges and types of earbuds available. We have chosen the top 3 Earbuds that cost less than INR 10000, with their product links in this article. These reviews will help you shortlist the best ones. Happy Window-shopping!

1. Sony WF-XB700

Sony WF-XB700

  • Best earbuds under 10000

These are really classy earbuds offered by the brand Sony. These earbuds use an Advanced Bluetooth connection and are wireless.

These earbuds are available in blue colour. They offer very solid voice control. They are extremely resistant to water, and so you can easily use them for daily purposes without worrying about damaging them.

These earbuds have a very powerful battery span of up to 18 hours of playtime in total. This total time can be bifurcated into 9 hours of the battery of earbuds and additional 9 hours of charging as provided by the charging case. Even a quick charging of about 10 minutes can last for 60 minutes playback.

The earphones have an ergonomic tri hold structure which can help you get a comfortable and secure grip in your ears by contacting three different points of your ears.

The earbuds provide a heavy bass and extra-base for more powerful and punchy sound effects. Using these earbuds is very simple. It has several different buttons that facilitate different functions and thus makes your user experience more enhanced. The earbuds contain a BT chip in their body.

This chip helps to transmit sound to the left and the right ears simultaneously for a better experience. The earbuds allow you to connect with digital assistants like Google Assistant or Siri by simply pressing a button. The quality of the built-in mic of these earbuds is very powerful.

The quality of the audio and the capturing of audio is very strong, accurate and precise. The entire package comes with the main set of earbuds, a charging case which is magnetic, an instruction manual, and a USB cable. The company provides a warranty period of 1 month from the purchase date.

This is an amazing product offered by a trusted brand. And so it can definitely enhance your music experience. You may consider adding it to your shopping bag.


  • Chargeable Magnetic Case
  • Portable and Mobile
  • Solid Noise Cancellation
  • Very Light in Weight
  • Sensitive Microphone
  • Powerful Battery Span
  • Allows Siri Configuration
  • Value for Money


  • Expensive
  • Lesser Warranty for and Expensive Product
  • Does Not Come With a Storage Pouch

Best buy link : Amazon

2. Noise Airbuds

Noise Airbuds

  • Best earbuds under 10000

When it comes to earphones, headphones and earbuds, Noise is always a good brand to purchase from.

It has really good quality products. This particular product by Noise is also one of the best earbuds that you can find in this price range. It is available in a really classic Icy White colour.It uses wireless communication technology through Bluetooth. It has a wireless connector type. It provides amazing voice control.

The weight of these earbuds is 50 grams, which is a little more than most of its competitors. It uses a Type C charging cable. Once fully charged, it provides playtime of almost 20 hours.

This is divided into 4 hours of the two earbuds and then extended 16 hours of playtime through the charging case. This product uses advanced Bluetooth 5.0 for a more stable connection and a larger range of Bluetooth connection.

This set of earbuds offers the users the facility to integrate with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri by clicking just a few buttons. It has a 13 mm dynamic speaker driver.

The earbuds have full touch controls. By this, we mean that the users can control the volume and music functions like rewind, forward, play, pause, next, previous, etc., with smart touch controls for greater ease and enhanced experience.

These earbuds show great resistance to water, and so they provide more versatility to the users. It can be used for daily purposes and can be easily used while working out, exercising, or even travelling.

The product package includes 1 set of Bluetooth earbuds, 1 charging case, 1 charging cable, 1 user manual and 1 warranty registration card. It is a really nice product and does not fail to please all its users. So even you should give it a shot if it fulfils all your requirements properly.


  • Wireless Communication Technology
  • Cheap
  • Light Weight
  • 3 Different Sizes of Ear Tips
  • Comfortable to Wear and Carry
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Configured with Google Assistant on Android devices
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • Noise Control But Not Noise Cancellation
  • Does Not arrive with a Pouch or Case

Best buy link : Amazon

3. Boult Audio AirBass Q10

Boult Audio AirBass Q10

  • Best Earbuds Under 10000

These are really nice earphones which are available in a bright white colour. These earbuds provide a very strong network connection through Bluetooth connection.

It provides solid passive noise cancellation to the users. It can restrict most of the surrounding noises. It uses wireless technology which is a very advanced version.

The earbuds include a chip set that provides a high audio quality, improving the experience of its users. The Bluetooth version used is Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest version.

This hence enables quick and more efficient connection. The grip of this earbud is quite convenient and secure. The ergonomic design of the product ensures that no discomfort or pain is caused to the ears of the users, even after long hours of use.

It eases the activities like hands-free calls, accessing audiobooks, listening to podcasts etc., with a high quality of audio. The earbud comes with an effective magnetic charging case with which the total playtime amounts to 24 hours.

This includes the playtime of 6 hours that is provided with each charge. More than that, there are 4 additional charges that can be done with the help of the charging case. There is a one year of manufacturer’s warranty on the product, starting from the date of purchase.

The earphones have a special Monopod Feature, which means that the earbuds can be used separately after pairing them to the device.

You can use only one bud as a monopod for a different kind of experience of music and calling if you want. The body of the earbuds and their charging case is protected with an inner Nano-coating layer that makes it almost waterproof.

These earphones can be used in water at a max 1 meter deep and can be used for only 30 minutes straight underwater. This is a really good choice, and you should really consider buying it if it fits your requirements well.


  • Reliable Brand
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • PVC Cable is Highly Durable
  • Easy to Access
  • Compatible with Both Android and iOS Systems
  • Light-weight
  • Portable and Compact
  • Additional Earbuds
  • Comes With a Storage Pouch
  • 1 Year of Warranty
  • Value for Money


  • Not Many Colors Available
  • Very Heavy Bass at Some Points
  • Not Smooth Button

Best buy link : Amazon


Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions from users who want to buy a set of earbuds.

Which one of these is better – Wired or Wireless Earphones?

Both these earphones are nice to use. It is usually a notion that wireless earphones provide better quality audio than wired earphones. But, one may choose depending on the company, the type, the quality and the price range that they want to prioritize.

Wireless earphones run with the help of a battery, so they must be changed from time to time. Wired earphones operate without a battery and so can be used at any time and place. So select the product which is suitable to your priorities, and buy wisely.

What is Noise Cancellation?

Noise cancellation in earphones refers to the elimination of the unwanted ambient sounds of the surrounding area.

The users would be able to listen to the external noises, while the volume and quality of the audio are also enhanced.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found the reviews provided by us helpful. So now go on and compare all the products that we just offered you with, and make a wise buying decision. Do not impulse buy it. Happy Music!

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