Top 5 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 3000 (2021)

You can use bluetooth earphones for outside noise cancellation, good base and amazing sound quality for listening to music while running, workout, or just relaxing and you can use that for your work purposes as well.

You can illustrate your office presentations, attend important video calls and conference calls without experiencing external disturbance. We got you some amazing brand deals for the seamless and best budget friendly earphones.

Earlier the earphones comes with the wired prototype which often tangle itself and you needs to de-tangle before every use. It displays bad impression and does not look good either but the bluetooth earbuds looks classy, trendy and elegant.

Does not requires any de-tangling sessions, so that these are time saving. It arrives with chargeable case which is multipurpose like it provides storage space, keep the device safe and sound, allows the quick charging, does look good and is supremely easy to carry in your pockets or carry bags.

The old traditional wired headphones is known for its disturbing gizzling sounds and voice breaking which often results in blamming the network service provider. But the wireless hand free does not just offers you crystal clear voice or music but also outer surrounding noise cancellation for best ever experience.

Buyer’s Guide to Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 3000:

Before investing your hard earn money blindly over any easily available product you should first analyse few aspects like your budget, your requirements, expectations and then what is available out there. Every quality, features and specifications should be the best in your defined budget so that you does not feel disheartened or under satisfied later or post purchase.

For thoroughly satisfactory results you are requires to a detailed research for finding out the best product out of the sea full of similar species. Always keep the below mentioned points in your mind for experiencing the best purchase experience and the optimum satisfaction: 

Voice cancellation:

The bluetooth earphones must have the voice cancellation property so that you can enjoy your fatigue hours without any interruption in your working time.


Always maintain and stick to a certain almost of money and do not make any unnecessary changes to it because that might lead you to compromise on one or the other aspect instead read, analyse, compare and then decide the best fit with respect to your budget.

Water proof:

The bluetooth earphones should be waterproof so that some freakin water droplets would not spoil it a bit and you can continue experiencing the best music and other audio listening devices.


The wireless earphones are the best evolution in the headset till date because it offers you the comfort of not always detangling your stupid wires every time you wants to listen to your favourite songs.

Voice Assistance:

The device has the ability to recognise your natural voice, can easily identify the speed synthesis and does have the proficiency to implement the natural language processing NLP for a better performance and unforgettable experience.

Sturdy and long lasting:

You should not compromise with the quality and settle for a low grade cheap device because that neither provides you comfort nor longevity.


The earphones should be handy and lightweight so that you can use it while travelling and can take it anywhere. And make sure it comes with smart case for storage, safety and security of the device.

Recommendations and customer reviews:

Buyer should always go through customer’s opinions, experiences and suggestions related to the product for an incredible purchase.

Best bluetooth earphones under 3000

1. Rockerz Boat Sports 255

Rockerz Boat Sports 255

  • Best Neckband

Features of Boat Rockerz 255 bluetooth earphone:

Astonishing base and HD powerful sound is the Signature boats have the capacity to experience heavy duty base with HD power packed performance along with lightweight compact wireless earphones.

Qualcomm chipset CSR8635 is the latest bluetooth version 5.0 for astonishing noise cancellation and exquisite volume controls plus high definition sound clarity. Delve depth has the voice assistance control for accessing Siri or Google Assistant on a single command so you refresh your mood without putting any extra effort.

Ergonomics with comfort fit has stylish and sturdy metallic body and long lasting frame for best ever experience. It will ensure the convenience and comfort while listening to your favourite music or watching your college lessons online.

Pros and cons of the boat rockerz bluetooth ear phone:


  • Passive noise cancellation and clarity enhancement.
  • 10 metres plus strong blue tooth range.
  • Heavy duty performance with the HD bass quality.
  • Bold, stylish and sturdy body and case for safe and long term action.
  • One button actuvation of Google assistance on your smartphone.
  • Ergonomic body for optimum comfort and seamless long hours of usage.


  • No latencies mode available.
  • No USB connectivity available.
  • It’s just sweat resistant not entirely water proof.

Best buy link : Amazon

2. Airbass Boult Audio Q10

Airbass Boult Audio Q10

  • True wireless earbuds

Features of Boult Airbass Q10 true Audio: 

Waterproof or water resistant so that you can swim, go to gym, run for a while and keep listening and jamming to your favourite playlist without stressing upon any damage. Excellent noise cancellation can be used while travelling wherever you want too without stressing upon the road rage sound as well as that noisy traffic but you do not need to think twice your device offers you the break from all the chaos in the world.

Mono pair usage allowed the most amazing and rare feature of this device is you can use pairs together as well as separately along with different devices, that means two people can use it at the same time on two different locations. Voice Assistant single touch controlling has the ability to identify your natural voice and can follow the commands accordingly through the natural language processing.

Pros and cons of boult airbass super astonishing wireless bluetooth headset:


  • It assures best quality and most clear listening experience.
  • Exponential bass and seamless comfortable design.
  • Has in built one touch voice assistant which activates Google or siri on your smartphone.
  • Splash proof.
  • Excellent outer noise cancellation.


  • It does not have the smart led light case to put your trendy bluetooth headphone
  • Does not have dual mic for best sound delivery and good professional calling hours
  • It does not have ergonomic platting or auto pairing or any such smart controls.
  • The device does not offer you sports fit for optimum and seamless comfort.

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3. Bassbuds Pro pTron

Bassbuds Pro pTron

  • pTron earbuds

Features of bass us pro bluetooth 5.1 version with 160 Hz Advanced processing:

Monopod bluetooth earphones so that you can use both the ear buds together as well as separately on even one after the other or choose the way you like it. Does not need to be stuck with the old stereo mode.

10 meters long wireless bluetooth range has the unbelievable 10 plus meters of best wireless bluetooth connectivity so that you do not always forcefully stick to your phone but you can leave it as it eases and roam all around your house and continue jamming with your favourite playlist.

Sensitive screen type touch with no button to press that’s why does not need to press the buttons everytime because it has soft touch screen abilities for all your daily usual work like volume settings, call receive and hanging up, changing music etc. Comes with a smart digital case with cool and stylish LED lights so you can grab the best then why tend to settle for any less.

The smart earphone case has a super elegant look and sturdiness along with LED light and mic spacing. Super fast charging so that you can use your headset continuously the whole day long just by charging it for 1.5 hours and the instantly quick charge does not consume much electricity either.

Pros and cons of bass buds led light super case bluetooth headphone:


  • 1.5 hours of instant charging offers the playtime of 24 hours.
  • Strong and sturdy case with LED lights
  • Qual comm 160 Hz bluetooth pro version 5.1 with superb bass and 10 meter strong range.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Sensitive screen touch for play/pause and volume controlling


  • Is not in sports fit grip.
  • No proper waterproofing facility available
  • It is a little expensive to purchase.

Best buy link : Amazon

4. Buds Z Grey Oneplus

Buds Z Grey Oneplus

  • Oneplus earbuds

Features of One plus buds z dual microphone headset with bluetooth 5.0 version:

Tangle free wireless lightweight bluetooth earphones with dirac Audio tuner for panoramic sound fidelity sound clarity at its all time high does not matter how much and how less you use it. The device has pledged to provide you the best ever experience along with the best base and high quality volume controls.

Advance bluetooth range up to 10 metres to the you does not need to carry your mobile phone everywhere even if it is on charging or battery in lower than average because the device has exceeding and advance bluetooth range of up to 10 metres of distance so that you can dance or roam around your house or even visit the restroom without your phone but plunging in your ear phones.

Super Quick charging which allows that the device can run for continuous 4 hours just by charging it for 15 minutes and if you are carrying the ear set case then it can charge for just 1 hour by providing 8 plus hours of continuous usage.

Waterproof hydrophobic nano coating which establishes the hydrophobic shield protects the device from any shot of disturbance, disruption, irritating sound creation, buzzing etc because of water spoiling the system. Dual microphone for the dual microphone offers you the best ever gaming, commenting, podcasting or performing experience using a burger friendly blue tooth ear phone.

Pros and cons of oneplus budz grey exquisitely amazing seamless bluetooth earphone:


  • Amazing dual mic for giving you two in one listening as well as speaking experience of best quality in one budget friendly device.
  • Super fast charging experience which is best while travelling and being in traffic for long hours.
  • 5.1 version of super strong bluetooth connectivity of up to 10 plus metres.
  • Tangle free and light weight.
  • Dirac audio clarity for best bass and music listening adventure.
  • Moderately waterproof.
  • Metallic sturdy body.


  • No low latency available
  • Just sweat proof or splash resistant not best for harsh use
  • Noise cancellation is not top notch.

Best buy link : Amazon

5. MuseBuds Audio Boult Air Bass

MuseBuds Audio Boult Air Bass

  • Sports earbuds

Features of Musebuds boult audio sport fit bluetooth ear phone:

Instant voice rectification and passive voice cancellation of disturbing outside noise can not disrupt your peace and soundful mind because of its amazing voice cancellation feature.

The sports fit offers you the comfort, sturdiness and hold while running, jogging, doing yoga, dancing, singing, performing or anything without stressing on ear phones falling or breaking down.

Voice assistance and single button controlling which activates the self managing voice assistance on your smartphones with the single button multipurpose controlling and regulating while running or doing stuff use does not take out time and think or process or even touch your mobile phone for calling or stuff, you can simply manage it via voice controlling auto assistance.

Monopod or mono pairs are the best because you separately use it for two different purposes at the same time no matter if the device is the same or not. Auto or self pairing that saves you from every time manual pairing. So you can auto pair itself with the designated device without any time pairing it up or going through the procedure all together.

Sweat proof with IPX5 has the  earphones can bear heavy sweat with any distress or difficulties. The device is absolutely water resistant and can clearly perform or play or pause its instant one touch display without any disturbance in the bass or volume or anything at all.

Pros and cons of musebuds smart water resistant ipx5 lightweight super trendy earphone:


  • 18 hours of seamless playtime
  • IPX5 splash proof
  • Metallic finishing
  • Auto pairing available no need of manual settings
  • One touch voice assistant activation
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • In built microphone.
  • Qualcomm chipset CSR8635 is the latest bluetooth version 5.1


  • Moderately water proof and non dirt proof.
  • No low latency
  • Average looking
  • No led lights and smart case looks
  • No portable charger available
  • Does not have a dual mic for complimenting your listening experience with amazing audio delivery.
  • Does not support type C cable for fastest charging.

Best buy link : Amazon


One should always take care of their needs and essential requirements and should not settle for anything less than what fits them the best because buying the cheap product would not offer you the optimum satisfaction and trouble you with every single usage but if you have invested in a right quality product then that might last you for a very long along with exponential enjoyment and comfort.

Your body and your sense organs are sensitive and you should not compromise with their good health and well-being because that is important for your long and complaint less life.

Always go for the product which helps you make your life better and more comfortable. And for that you need not to worry at all because researched and picked out the best bluetooth earphones, that too all budget friendly options especially for you. So without any further ado scroll the above article and pick out the best.

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