How do we un-page Drupal?

Today, most Drupal sites still provide content using a page-oriented metaphor. But web pages are more usable by users when they are driven by dynamic update without page change (e.g. driven by AIR, Ajax, etc.) Yet, building pages with this style of interaction is difficult.

Part of the problem is it still requires programmers to build this type of page with code. Witness this analysis about Javascript 1.0 vs. Javascript 2.0 (vs. AIR, etc.) Will any of the typical "content creator" role-type people putting content on a site even have a clue about what Hank wrote?

So the question is: What truly remarkable thinking can we (the Drupal community) do to enable dynamic pages, but not require the authors - or the site builders (!) - to be one of the rare Javscript/AIR experts of the world?