"Selection event" - a good book to NOT read

Selection EventSelection Event by Wayne Wightman

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

If I could give this a zero, I would.

The post-apocalyptic genre is well-travelled. At this point in writing-time, an author needs to do something pretty special to make this topic interesting. This author sadly failed.

Essentially, the author's point ends up "Belief systems are bad; believers in them force people into thinking their way, and if you don't believe that way, the believer's natural reaction will be to kill you. So, the only belief system that works is Libertarianism. You must believe this way, or we will kill you."

Truly a) obviously circular, b) shows a blackness of spirit in the author that's just sad, and c) not the balance I believe the human spirit is capable of.

The writing and story didn't make up for the utter lack of intellectual or human value available to take away from the book. I un-recommend it highly.

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