Boy, I spoke too fast

Here's a podcast of the talk Dries and I gave at Drupalcon where Dries and I introduced Acquia.

See here.

I've spoken a lot in public, and am quite comfortable in front of a crowd. (In fact, I enjoy it.) Despite this, I think I was really trying very hard to please the Drupal community, and I must have been more nervous than I usually am. (Now, I have been accused of talking at "T1" speeds before, but I usually try to slow down.)

modest pride

I don't want to sound too bombastic, or take more credit than is due. But I'm proud of what our team at Acquia did to help make Boston 2008 Drupalcon a fantastic event.

I need a theme. Wanna pitch me?

This is a "new" blog for me. (On Drupal, of course.) (Different from my old blog, which I haven't contributed to in a while as I've been launching Acquia.)

But I need a theme – and I'd prefer something unique, vs. an off-the-shelf Drupal theme.

Anybody who wants to pitch me on creating one should contact me.

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