How do we un-page Drupal?

Today, most Drupal sites still provide content using a page-oriented metaphor. But web pages are more usable by users when they are driven by dynamic update without page change (e.g. driven by AIR, Ajax, etc.) Yet, building pages with this style of interaction is difficult.

Gates from (not "to") another Generation

It's amazing to me to see what Bill Gates continues to say (he believes) about open source. He talks about open source, but it isn't open source as you and I would know (/love) it.

All I can conclude is either:

The hard men come out to play

Or crash.

Imagine you're a fit cyclist, and you're on one of the speediest rides you've been on. Your eyes are glued to the wheel in front of you as the peleton you're riding with aggressively ups the pace 20% more than you're used to, and stays there for over 100 miles and many hours of max-effort.

"So, have you written any modules yet?"

This is something I overheard a couple of times while sitting in the hallway between Drupalcon sessions doing email. Despite the danger of extrapolating based on too-few data points, I think it's fair to say that writing some kind of custom module (from scratch) is a "rite of passage" for an aspiring Drupal developer.

Assisting Drupal community growth

Both Dries and I have agreed on one key thing with each other since our first conversations about Acquia: 18 months after we start our business, we truly hope the community at large thinks Acquia has been a great thing for the Drupal project.

Issues presented by Drupal's expansion

One of the challenges the Drupal community must to be concerned about is growing the number and quality of Drupal developers. Drupal downloads and content are both doubling annually. This rapid growth leads to a key bottleneck: there are (on average) more people looking for Drupal-qualified developers than there are people who are available or qualified to do it. As long as Drupal's sustains its current growth rate, this problem will continually worsen.

Smart. (Not me; the car)

I want one. My driveway (steep, snowy in winter) may not let me have it. My wife may not either. Mysterious+Mimir+SMART.jpg

It doesn't stop me from wanting it. Seriously.

Please. Everybody. View. This.

It's an important awareness test. And be sure to watch to the very end. It's a message very, very, very close to my heart. I hope you take it seriously.

Ugh. Crowns. Not the type you want....

I went to the dentist today because I have a tooth that - after over a decade of "hanging in there" - needs to be turned into a (full) crown.

Nobody likes the drilling. Neither do I.

But the hard part is done. The temporary crown is in place, awaiting Gold/Porcelain. (On April Fool's day - ha!)

I'm sure you don't care to hear about this. But Blogging is about what's on your mind, and today, having my mouth drilled is on my mind.

Under the headphones - really

Looks like several people got different | photos of me spinning tunes at the Acquia party at Drupalcon last week. Thanks, Dries and Tim. ;-)

Oh, and there's another nice photo there: Can you see how I'm pretty obsessed with Acquia at the moment?

Is Drupal like the others?

Matt Asay blogged about recent research suggesting that much of the core development work on open-source projects is done by paid developers.

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