Oh, and the Ronde

Yeah, well --

I went to Belgium this year and did the route of the Ronde van Vlaanderen. I did create a blog entry for the trip; I just decided to do it on the website for my cycling club. Then, promptly forgot to link to it from here.

So, you can go read it here.

(Update 4 Nov 2012 - looks like when ECV moved the website to a new solution, they nuked my blog post. And sadly, I didn't keep a copy of it. Bummah.)

Paceline ettiquitte

My friend Tom Pincince sent me the below in email. I've so often wanted to point cyclists to a good list like this (but not had one) that I thought I'd capture it here for posterity.

Items 7-10 are my own additions.

A note from one of the stronger guys I ride with in the morning. He just got back from climbing the Tourmalet. Note that I was dropped mercilessly this morning.



Subject: Paceline etiquette -- staying out of the hospital

Hey guys - -

Happy, happy, Jay, Jay

Jay's new Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL2

Well, I finally wrote the "big check," and bought the bike of my dreams. Yeah, I know this blog site is called underheadphones, and yes, I do like spinning.

But truth be told, I spend MANY more hours on a bike than I do spinning records. And it's my real passion. (Does that suggest I should rename my blog? Hmmm...)

Get out!

If this doesn't make you smile at the end, I don't know what would.

A film entitled Get Out by Esma-Movie

Thanks goodness for indie french films! :-)

Drupal Gardens launches in private Beta

Using Drupal has suddenly become much easier. My company, Acquia, has just released into (private) Beta Drupal Gardens. We've been working on Drupal Gardens for over a year, teaming our expert Drupalers with our crack infrastructure / hosting experts, to provide Drupal 7 as a hosted service. We've included tons of usability improvements, and contributed the vast majority of them back to the open source project.

Drupal Gardens is truly amazing. It'll rock your socks off if you're a Drupaler, and even if you're not, it'll make building extremely powerful websites drop-dead simple.

Watch the screencast below, and come sign up for a Private Beta invitation.

Living outside yourself

Clever, beautiful short.

Skhizein (Jérémy Clapin, 2008).

In the spirit of box animation...

Here's another inspiring video, while I'm noting things like this.

Box animation

Combines several of my favorite things:

  • Music
  • Tech
  • Irreverance
  • Meaningless efforts of youthful creativity

What fun.

Contre La Montre

Let the thing speak for itself - and me.

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