2012 Ronde van Vlaanderen

Time to start planning for 2012. In 2010, I went with my buddies Scott & Joe to the Ronde van Vlaanderen professional cycling race in Belgium. The day before the pros race, the route is open to amateur cyclists of all levels.

We rode with 8,000 (or more) other crazy cyclists over a route full of cobbled roads, leg-ripping short hills called "muurs", and had a blast. It was a rainy day in April, which made it even more epic.

For the record: No Movember for me this year

So it's Movember time. You'll see from various posts a year ago that I did the Movember mustache growing & fundraising.

This year I'm not. Since lots of people around me are, they might be wondering why I'm not - after all, it's fun and a good cause.

Here's the thing. Like you (I'm sure), we get asked a lot over the course of a year to contribute to charitable causes. Judy (my wife) and I might get asked more than typical for you; we do lots of outdoor sporting events like cycling and running; many of the organized events we do are charity fundraisers.

As a result, we're constantly having to judge which ones are "worthy" or not. And we ended up feeling very reactive about it - and we're planners, and don't like reactive things (all that much).

So Judy & I switched around, and created a proactive plan for how much we're going to give in a year, which causes we want to give to (based on which causes and friends we want to support), and we give to those.

A Movember mustache got cut. :-)

Just so you know.

New podcast episode posted: Deep House mix

I did a new mix while the power was out over most of the Boston area this last weekend. (Judy & I were fortunate to only lose power for 5 hours, so I had a lazy Sunday.) You can get it by subscribing to my podcasts on iTunes. I hope you in enjoy it.

Sweet tunes at BADcamp 2011

Yeah, yeah - I know it's anti-climatic to only read about it and not hear the evidence.

But the set(s) at the BADcamp 2011 Evening of Drupal were both really great, and really fun for me. There were two of us spinning - me and DJ Spinnerty. As I've done with my buddy James Millington, we set up my laptop as a remote drive to his computer (so we could get at both his music and mine), and used his laptop to play all the tunes (using Serato), trading off as the evening progressed. (Oh, yes - the image here is from Dan's own site - not mine. He admits the image is a bit tongue-in-cheek. :-)

What was so fun about it was that we were similar but just different enough to make it fun. His favorite tunes were down in the 85-100 bpm range, with a strong nujazz influence. I had to go digging around in my 100bpm range when he handed off to me, and slowly move the tunes up to around 115, where we quit for the formal short formal part of the program.

Later, we restarted around 100bpm, and moved it up slowly to a finish around 128bpm - with the K Klass remix of Underworld's Two Months off.

BADcamp 2011 - tech & deep

I'm going to be at BADcamp 2011 in Berkely this coming weekend. I have three agendas:

  • Speaking. I'm giving a talk on Web Engagement Management. "What," you say?" If you're an average Drupalist, you may not have heard this term - yet. But you will a lot, soon. It's the term that closed-source CMS' are using to frame where they're headed - which is to empower marketing more. I will have a bunch more to say on this, but come to the session to hear the basics.
  • Listening. In support of the Web Engagement stuff, there's a bunch of things I want to hear - from talks on mobile theming, mobile apps, responsive ux, and much more.
  • Spinning Happily, the BADcamp organizers have asked me to reprise my music playing from last year's BADcamp. I'll be spinning some House, Deep House, a teeny bit of urban, and maybe some deep remixes of some Jazz classics at the Evening of Drupal party. I hope you'll come and listen, as spinning is my third passion (after Drupal & cycling, of course).

I hope to see you there.

Music podcasts

Spinning at Felt

Well, true to the original name of this site, I'm finally putting out a couple of audio podcasts.

You can find them on iTunes.

I've got two on there now - a Progressive House mix & a Gospel House mix. A Deep House mix is next on my list.


Thanks to my Movember contributors. Oh, but the message was Mo-stly lost at the Party

As I blogged and tweeted this month, I've been throwing my hat in with the Movember movement this month, and grown a mustache to "change the face" of Men's cancer.

First, I want to take a minute to thank all the contributors who contributed, and sponsored my 'stache-growing effort. (I'm sorry to say that I was SO anxious to get rid of it this morning that I forgot to take a picture before I shaved it. Sorry...)

Everyone gave proportional to their means, and I'm happy to have been the recipient of their charitable gift. I'm also pleased that the Movember organization is doing this. I've been happy to be part of this because I've often thought women have been better organized when it comes to breast cancer, etc., and I thought "Ok, here's the guys getting their act together. Kudos to the organizers."

I'm also proud to be part of the Fu Man Drupal Movember team. Once checks snail-mailed-in are credited (including a $1k check I forwarded Wednesday), we'll have raised right around $25,000 for men's cancer causes - Livestrong and the Prostate Cancer Fund. As I write this, our team is sitting at rank #16 across all US teams of 11 people or more. Once the checks and a couple of straggler contributions are credited, I wouldn't be surprised if we end up at #15. A pretty amazing accomplishment for a team of 27 guys from a 75-person startup. We even raised more than Google's team did.

Last night, the Movember organization threw a "Gala Party" in many cities around the world. I went to the Boston party.

And, while I don't want to be a party pooper and write a downer blog post, last night's Party is an area I think the organizers haven't got it quite right yet, and somebody somewhere should say something. So I'll nominate myself.

Movember goodies for you and me


As some of you already know, I've been doing a fundraiser this month called Movember. I'm growing a mustache during November - thus Movember - as support for the fight against men's-focused cancers (e.g. prostate).

I'm happy to announce that I can now offer a bit of graft to incent you to support me. For every tax-deductible donation over $50 to my Movember fundraising, Bragging Rights will send you a free pair of sports sunglasses - with a $40 retail value. Visit their website above, and see the sunglasses available. (You'll have to pay $4.95 for shipping, but that's a small price to pay!)

As soon as you contribute to my Movember fundraising, I receive an email indicating your email address. Once I do, I'll forward you a private URL to a page on the Bragging Rights site where you can a) select your sunglasses, and b) pay your shipping fee (via PayPal).

A big thanks to Bragging Rights for a terrific gesture. I hope you'll all take advantage of it.

Great orchestras are amazing

Last night, I went to a concert by the New England Conservatory of Music's Philharmonia. This is an orchestra made up of undergrad students at NEC. The pieces on the bill were Petrouchka by Stravinsky and the New World Symphony by Dvorak. (Sorry, these names should have diacriticals; I'm not going to bother just now...)

At the end, I tweeted "Just finished hearing Stravinsky & Dvorak at New England Conservatory. An orchestra is a violent, living, joyous thing to experience. #love".

I love summer

This could be the best day of summer this year.

I just finished a fast, satisfying 50 mile ride. Now I'm sitting on the back patio, 73 degrees, full sun and cloudless blue sky, surrounded by amazing nature.

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