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Drupalcon 2012 set

Well, I found myself with an opportunity to spin tunes at the Denver 2012 Drupalcon conference party. Yes, Acquia (my company) sponsored it. So maybe it's no coincidence that I got the gig.... Nonetheless, I did need to get past the organizing committee (which means my style couldn't suck; but I didn't need to be a big-name guy, either. Lucky thing....)

BADcamp 2011 - tech & deep

I'm going to be at BADcamp 2011 in Berkely this coming weekend. I have three agendas:

  • Speaking. I'm giving a talk on Web Engagement Management. "What," you say?" If you're an average Drupalist, you may not have heard this term - yet. But you will a lot, soon. It's the term that closed-source CMS' are using to frame where they're headed - which is to empower marketing more. I will have a bunch more to say on this, but come to the session to hear the basics.
  • Listening. In support of the Web Engagement stuff, there's a bunch of things I want to hear - from talks on mobile theming, mobile apps, responsive ux, and much more.
  • Spinning Happily, the BADcamp organizers have asked me to reprise my music playing from last year's BADcamp. I'll be spinning some House, Deep House, a teeny bit of urban, and maybe some deep remixes of some Jazz classics at the Evening of Drupal party. I hope you'll come and listen, as spinning is my third passion (after Drupal & cycling, of course).

I hope to see you there.

Great orchestras are amazing

Last night, I went to a concert by the New England Conservatory of Music's Philharmonia. This is an orchestra made up of undergrad students at NEC. The pieces on the bill were Petrouchka by Stravinsky and the New World Symphony by Dvorak. (Sorry, these names should have diacriticals; I'm not going to bother just now...)

At the end, I tweeted "Just finished hearing Stravinsky & Dvorak at New England Conservatory. An orchestra is a violent, living, joyous thing to experience. #love".

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