Book Review: Fuzzy nation

Fuzzy NationFuzzy Nation by John Scalzi

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Summary: Fast read (for me); dashed thru it in 3 hours.

More: Not a bad read; not over-the-top great, though. Essential conclusions on my part:

  • Fairly simple premise, and what happens in the end is almost predictable from the moment every plot twist is introduced.
  • Approachable writing. Very easy to read.
  • Despite essential predictability, there are a pleasant set of events that surprise, and keep you engaged.
  • A nice exploration of what the rules of the game ought to be were we ever to encounter other suspect-sentient species - either here on earth (or in the fanciful future, off the earth).

Recommended if: You're looking for something easy to read after a difficult, hard read, this is a nice picnic.

Not recommended if: You're looking for deep exploration of difficult, hard scifi concepts, this isn't your book.

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